Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"He Walked"

He walked inside with one intention, solid, passive yet strong. Familiar hopes that more would soon follow. The odd bystander may have familiarized his previous entries to seek brief fixes, but he did see nobody. He didn't see through his eyes.

He walked the corridors to give the impression he was intent on anything else, to whom he did not know. A bottle of water is the one good he shared with everyone else. Impatient with the narrow, white lines, he patiently made the exchange - nothing to something. Something that could very well stack something on nothing, even if that something is nothing.

"I hope you feel better," the woman remarked as she bid his intention in a black plastic bag. Those words, the only words he may have heard all day, were both as genuine and feigned as his reply - "Thanks," as he struggled in thought to feel the irony.

Words grew slowly after that moment, but little more blossomed. He walked to his vehicle to make haste to remove his mark, hoping briefly and briefly to blossom just one more intention, solid, passive yet strong.

He walked.

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