Monday, February 17, 2014

"Du, Mitt Konstverk" (12/27/13)

As the bumbling crow flies to sing
I try to wonder how life would be
Without a sequential secant of nothing
Silently echoing itself to and from me

Cyclical healings and forgotten rituals
Empowering the processes of power
Reversing unto spikes in these aerials
To eternally kindle the cure to this cower

You, the embodiment of all here unsaid
Are enlightened based on constructs in your head
I, myself still, meet anonymous subjection
Hailing the hegemony of happiness's rejection

"Love Triangles" (2/17/2014)

First a triad of mountain, earth and sea
Flinging parallel lights like thoughts so flickering
Bringing a close to desire to see it in the morning
and for a moment I find the strength to dream

Like dryads in the night we fail to reflect light
Black and white lives in a blue and redlit night
To recall what now deems erroneous I must fight
All to appear now as a weary parade of light

So of tired red eyes to the red in the sky never mine
say to see the one final cumulative star from familiar patterns
And of the most joyless tirades
is to remember one's own dreams

"Thy Light" (2/2/14)

Eros draining the sea
Let thyself come my desire
Lay down thy memory
For a moment retire

How sweet the rhetoric
Written in thy roots
Whenst potentials course muck
Slandered by reason's brutes

Thy light in both eyes prudent
Parallax within my mire
And, oh, just for a moment
I descend to retire

"Rack Focus" (2/2/14)

So suddenly close up
Focused not in the fore
Grounded in your head, somewhere
A sound crashes sand in your rack
The shifty apparatus through which I close my eyes
Slowly, blowing the flickering light of
existence unknowingly with every natural breath
Until all patterns, limbs, rearrange
and the breath in my eyes turns from the candle
to the sea
only you and me

"A Manuscript" (2/2/14)

A preface to that of yours
the law of multiplication is double-edged, bored
virgin to my eyes
but something starcrosses the sum of you and unity

We take a moment of silence as I look out the window with someone else's eyes
Where is the red in the sky?
Would it not appear until I die?

The cylinders did not surface here until I transcribed the sky
And in all of these lies I forgot about you
Who will have to wait up for me
Whoever you may be